Our unique program allows you, the Broker/Owner,
to basically dictate the amount of appointments (agents) you want per month.

  • After a consultation with one of our Broker support staff members, we can determine the right amount of recruits that your brokerage needs to be successful.
  • This is a pay for appointment service. If you need more than just appointments, we have the “hands on” program which allows our CEO and Founder to come and spend a week in your office with you or your manager getting them on the recruiting train.
  • A question each Broker/Owner must ask themselves: How much does it cost me to hire each recruit? If you pay a recruiter the average of $55,000 per year and they bring you 20 new agents, they cost you $2750 per agent.
    Contact us and see how much time and money we can save you.

To inquire on pricing for appointments as well as Hands On please fill out the contact us form on the contact us page.

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