Frequently Asked Questions

1How many appointments can I buy per month?
We sell them in blocks of 10 once you become a member.
2What is the average work experience of the agents?
It ranges from newly licensed agents to seasoned agents that are looking for a new brokerage.
3If I do not have time for appointments but need recruits. Can you help me?
We have a hands on program designed differently for each brokerage. We provide services ranging from booking appointments for you to holding career events. We have the solutions, just call us with your unique situation.
4How much does each appointment cost?
It depends on the amount you purchase. Remember, we sell in blocks of 10.
5Are there any other fees?
Our membership fee, which is discussed in your consultation.
6Is there a contract?
We have different programs~ some with no contract, others with, depending on your needs.
7Can I set the appointment times you book appointments?
Yes, we share a calendar with you so we see when you are available. We schedule based on the information on the calendar.
8I don’t want appointments I just want you to do it all.
Call us to discuss.

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